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Still Doing That Cable Thing ?

You think streaming is complicated ? Low Quality w/ lots of buffering ? Tons of channels nobody wants ? Well you couldn’t be more wrong.

I will bet we have the channels you will want to watch. Like Local Channels,  Premium Sports, Kids, Movies, News,  Adult and we don’t care who you owe money too, we don’t pull credit and you can cancel when ever you like.

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International Includes Over 4000 Additional Channels And 46 Adult XXX Channels

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You can use any devices you want and we have the tutorial for step by step for any device


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No service is perfect but we do our best to keep our servers updated and customers happy

Now watch on the new apps for a simple and effective installation .

Works On 3rd Party Apps To Play multiple video formats in HD.

Load Our Files On The Best Apps and Play m3u lists very quickly. Copy, Paste, Watch

Cast It, Stream It Take It Out Or Watch At Home It's Your TV You Decide

No matter what sport or even country you want we now have them all

Welcome Dream TV To The Family

Canada TV streaming  is easy too with Dream TV  never miss a big game, your favorite Canadian TV show or anything you choose, welcome to how  watching live Television should be. Canada’s Number One Streaming Service Dream TV Is Here


Our streaming service can be watched on  a vast range of streaming devices. The back-end supports M3U8 devices and Stalker/MAC based devices. Some of the common devices are mentioned below

M3U8 – KODI, PerfectPlayer, VLC, Smart=TV (Smart IPTV), Phones (GSE / IPTV Player for iOS, Android: Epicstream App),  and more Set Top Boxes MAC – MAG 250, 254, 256, Dream-link T1, T1+, Buzz TV, and more.

You will need internet, WiFi is required to access the content. We do have Web browser TV so as long as you have a PC, phone or tablet, you really don’t need anything else. 

IPTV isn’t for everyone, and  beleve that it’s a matter of sign up, log in  and go, but this isn’t the case for everyone. IPTV is only as reliable as your own WiFi and device, in order to get the best viewing from any streaming service  theses few things  help. 

The one thing people love more than anything is how easy it is to view our service.  If you want to get a high quality cablr TV replacement service purchase the right device,. If your a KODI users, buffering and crashing ,  is going to happen fire sticks are great, but it’s a $39.00 device and it was never designed to be used in this manner, our service has over 7000 channels and thousands of movies and TV shows, there memory can’t handle it, great for part time users but if you want to experience IPTV  as a primary source of entertainment,  then buy a device built for IPTV . I  recommend MAG 254’s, Buzz XPL 2000 / 3000 or the Nvidia Shield, all of these streaming devices are very affordable and worth every penny.

We have a store to shop our service plans here at at H-D Hosting, or  e Mail  James at admin@hdhosting.co for a link and if you want you can use the PayPal link for recurring  payments it’s your choice, but please give us enough time to verify the funds and set your service up,  we work 7 day’s a week  and occasionally we do sleep, don’t worry we will process and send your login details as soon as possible.  And always check your spam or junk mail and contact us if you feel like we may have missed your order. It’s does get busy and we do get distracted now and then. 

No we offer 24 hours to try out your device and internet compatibilities and to make sure streaming TV is right for you and will fit your needs. We ask that you use the 24 hour service  before you commit to a longer term if you are not yet convinced that streaming is for you. So all sales are final, and please if your in need of help just ask and we will make sure you get our service installed and working. It’s a learning curve and we totally get that.

Watch Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

We're Changing The Way You Look At TV On Any Device With H-D Included


Watch live tv on any device

Cord cutters every where are ditching the high cost’s of cable TV and turning to streaming services like ours

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James, your a good guy, thanks for all the help I am glad I hung in there.I will be signing up for the 6 month plan A.S.A.P
Barry. B
Fire stick
Wow!! That's alot of channels LOL Gotta say you do have some good stuff here and the price is way too cheap. STOP giving it away.
John. T
Yes James this is pretty cool, thanks for helping when you should have been sleeping, Ya hung in there and it works great!
David. C
I Phone
I love you guys, ya def hooked me up and I will be sending you some customers soon. James get some sleep man, LOL
Paul. V