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Set TV Customers Get Special Deals we have never owned set tv we were terminated w/out warning We Have Coupon Codes In Place HD 10 - HD 20 - HD 30

As a former employee of SET TV i was left with nothing and lost nearly everything, I have never owned Set TV there names are easily found on-line, but I am angry and I ask that you allow me to say thank you for at least giving HD Hosting a chance to  earn your business.

We did not,  nor do we have any affiliation with SET TV but we do want to offer some special deals to the prior customers so if interested there is a 10% coupon code for 1 month of service, 20% for 3 months and 30% for 6 months or longer. If you can not provide proof of being a prior customer you will be charged back, so please don’t ruin it for the others.. any questions we can be reached at

Yes, if you watch mostly US or Canada  TV we have the Single plan for $15 you’ll get hundreds of premium networks but no adult or international channels.

You can Order the Single Plan Here

  • No International Channels
  • UK, USA and Canada Channels
  • Perfect If You Don’t Need All Sports Or XXX Programing

If you don’t care about the adult porn channels and live in Canada or the UK but still want the NFL and VOD then go with the 90 day single plan it’s only $45.00 and worth every penny order it here  

We only ship out the access codes after we can verify the funds are not on hold, then a real human will enter your name and order into the system and you will be emailed the codes to your PayPal email. Now we are human and we do step out to stretch our legs, sleep here and there and eat. Please do not file claims saying we didn’t ship your order, many times there are orders in front of yours so give us a few minutes we will check the order out and process it . We do not enter the office until 10:30 am cst so if you placed an order at 2 am it probably won’t be seen till we arrive. If you need your service in 5 min or less please don’t order here. We are only human and we promise we are doing our best to keep everyone happy.  e Mail  if you feel like it’s been taking a while, we can check and respond.      

There really isn’t much out there that won’t work with our service, we don’t block or prevent you from using your favorite device, we even recommend other apps all the time if we feel they add value or make our customers lives easier.  A service tech is being hired for live help with your set up  Stay Tuned For More On That.

Were Compatible with your iOS, Android Set Top Box, Perfect Player, Android Phones, VLC, FIRE STICKS, ROKU, CHROMECAST, MAC, PC, AND WE HAVE A WEB TV IN BETA THAT YOU CAN TEST OUT Custom built for cross compatibility with all browser types and devices: Android TV and Mobile (Recommended Platform) Xbox PS4 iOS PC Mac Windows Tablets and Mobile

Yes but is still being worked on to make sure it is acurate and informative, please give me a little time to make sure it is up to the standards our customers deserve. It is not far from being complete. 

No free trials, there only $5.00 because there was too much abuse going on and they offer all the channels including the PPV so we feel that $5.00 is fair and if your serious about finding a high quality service then it’s well worth the access and 24 hours should be plenty of time to check our selection and quality. 

Refunds NO there are no refunds, this is why we offer the 24 hour test drives if you are still unsure please get the trial and make sure we work for what you need to be happy. 

Why we are better , let”s start with device compatibility. MAG, Buzz, Dreamlink, Enigma, zGemma, iOS, Android and PC. Fore Stick, Roku, STB, Chromecast and iPhones allow for more viewing options than nearly any of the competitors and our quality is two steps ahead of the competition. We take great pride in that and unlike Setb TV we aren’t going anywhere. 




AUG -2018

If you are trying to put our password and username into any other service but ours your media will not work


  • Android TV and Mobile (Recommended Platform)
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • iOS
  • PC
  • iMac
  • Windows Tablets and Mobile


Advanced Features:

  • EPG
  • Search Channels and VOD
  • Automatic Perfect Player or Tiny URL links
  • M3U Playlist Download Options
  • Speed Tester
  • Account Information


Coming Soon:

  • Catchup


Watch Via Web Browser

How to watch via a Web Broswer:

  1. Goto  or our NEW player  
  2. Login with using your stream details (found in your welcome email)
  3. Now browse the channels and EPG
  1. kODI
1. In Kodi, go to Settings/System icon on top.
2. Go into File Manager
3. Click Add Source
4. Enter address
5. Name it Helix.
6. Go back to Settings/System then go to System Settings
7. Go to Add-ons
8. Go to Unknown Sources and change the setting to Allow installation of unknown sources
9. Return to Home screen and select Add-ons
10. Select box icon on top left
11. Click on “Install from Zip Files” and Select Helix source.
12. Select and click OK.
13. Wait until its installed, It will take a few seconds.
14. Press Back button until you reached in Add-ons screen,
15. Now go to the Video addons.
16.  Click on Helix Hosting add-on
17. It will prompt for information below.


Our Android Application has been developed and designed to be the quickest way to get our service up and running on your Android Device. 

  1. Download it from the following URL:

    download our APK

    Or use FireDL and code: 355461


  2. Install on your device (Please note you’ll require to allow 3rd Party Apps to install please check your Android guide on how to achieve this on your device).
  3. Once installed please open it and enter your login information received in your welcome email.
  4. Now head over to EPG and run it, this will setup the application for first time usage.

There is extra settings in our app which allows you to modify the timeshift, and also the stream type from .ts to .m3u8 (Select .m3u8 if suffering from buffering).