Apps Are Great But Do You Want True Cable Like Streaming ? Use The Recommended Players For Your Device

Our service is only as good as your internet and device allows us to be

Try The New Apps For Easy Install

You will receive a M3U file from us in your welcome e Mail install the desired app from below click on the (+) button. Then in the top left of the app click on play video from URL and paste our M3U file in and hit enter, your channels will load and your done. I still recommend using VLC or perfect player for the best streaming quality and fast  internet speed. Just like any streaming IPTV service we are only as good as your device and the quality of your internet.  


Easy, just click on the Paste option and the hit OK. Your list will be successfully loaded on the app. No more stressing, set up is quick just copy and paste the m3u file we send you and enjoy the show. For the customer who wants the true cable TV like experience we recommend using perfect player for your amazon Fire Stick the apps are great but with the amount of channels and videos we give you it will work 1000 X better on the perfect Player.   

Amazon Fire Stick Users Try Perfect Player For Best Cable TV Replacement

Downloader Firesticks

Downloader is an app created for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It is the easiest way to download files from the internet onto a Fire TV device.

Amazon Fire Stick Users Try Perfect Player For Best Cable TV Replacement PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO IT WILL SHOW YOU THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW. instructions are below the video

Perfect Player How to setup Perfect Player to work with H-D Hosting:

Install Perfect Player from the Playstore or from here Open Perfect Player Open Perfect Player Settings Menu (cog icon) TIP: AFTER YOU REPLACE YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD IN THE URL’S  USE TO SHORTEN THEM, THIS MAKES ENTERING THEM MUCH EASIER 

  1. Lets set up perfect player for your fire stick the links below are examples use the ones we send you
  2. Open Perfect Player
  3. Open Perfect Player Settings Menu (cog icon)
  4. Select General
  5. Select Playlist 1Enter this url
  6. Give the playlist a name
  7. Select OK
  8. Select EPG 1Enter this url
  9. Change download if no data on current date to Download once a day (drop down menu click on little triangle)
  10. Select OK
  11. Press Back Twice
  12. Press the 3 line button on remote/c on keyboard/touch screen touch little square icon top left
  13. Change Epg Show Epg to Epg Hide Epg

If all steps have been done correctly and there are no typos you should have a Channel List and EPG
If it doesn’t load a Channel List or EPG the corresponding url has a typo you have done it wrong

Downloads Are Being Added Daily